“MOD” is a collection highlighting the impact people have on the world with a nod towards the 60’s mod style. The 60’s were a time where the status quo was challenged, with social and technological change that mirrors what society is going through today. Technology became widely available to the consumer, which had detrimental effects on the environment and completely changed our lifestyles. This collection was created using mostly natural fibers as well as other recyclable/recycled materials to create human-inspired motifs.
Silhouette Dress with Faux Leg
Cotton twill dress with applique silhouette and faux pant leg​​​​​​​
Asymmetric Two-Tone Set
Asymmetric bottoms with a crop top featuring a circular keyhole
White shift Dress with Grommet Detailing
Structured white A-line dress with grommet detailing in front & back
Embroidered Computer Wire Top and Skirt
Top and skirt featuring couched down recycled computer wire
Block-Printed Skirt and Zero-Waste Top
Top with plunging neckline and hand block-printed skirt
Laser-Cut Faces Dress
Top adorned with laser cut face motifs made from balsa wood and a fitted skirt

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