Previous Design

The objective of this 4-month project was to update the design of an air purifier that is modern, user friendly and integrates updated technology. The client (Field Controls) wanted to make sure the new design had the capability of using the same mechanical components as the previous design, while still looking sleek and modern. 

Design Criteria:
● Able to be integrated with an app and with current mechanical components 
● Reduce light emission from UV light
● Create a modern aesthetic
● Simplify for intuitive user experience
● Integrate into home decor
● Possible touch screen or redesign of controls and settings 

This storyboard highlights the problems with the current design of the air purifier. This graphic helps communicate the issues to the client and build a case for the design.  
Since the client wanted to be able to use the same mechanical components of the old design in order to reduce manufacturing costs, Simply flipping the old air purifier on its side gave it a less obtrusive presence in a room. These new dimensions would work well in as the base of the new design. 
The result was a design that had a UV light hidden within the design to help purify air, had finishes that read as high-end, and had a neutral, unobtrusive look that would integrate into the decor of any room. The dimensions of the new design also allowed the old mechanical components of the previous air purifier to be used within the new design. An integrated touch screen would be completely app controlled. How users would interact/change filters was reimagined, adding a hinged door that could be opened using a push-release button. This made for easy filter changing with no lifting required.
Simulated room view
Simulated room view

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